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Cram the Cruiser

Anola School is partnering with the Springfield Police Service to CRAM A Cruiser.
We are asking students to bring in some non-perishable food items into the school between Monday, December 9th and Wednesday December 18th. We will collect all of the food items and store them in the front lobby of the school. At approximately 12:30 PM on December 18th, members from the SPS will arrive at the school with a police cruiser. We will then take all of the donated food items and try to cram it all into the cruiser.
Once the cruiser is crammed, it will be driven to the Springfield Food Bank and donated.
If you will be sending in any items, can you please ensure that the best before date has not yet come and gone.
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The plastic bag recycling challenge is on!

Bring in any of the items listed below, to be recycled into Frisbees, planters and park benches.
There will be a bin by the front doors for the month of October.

Plastic items accepted:
• grocery bags
• retail bags
• newspaper sleeves
• produce bags
• bread bags
• ice bags
• bubble wrap
• case over wrap
• pellet bags
• salt bags
• dry cleaning bags
• re-sealable food bags
• cereal bags
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